Tried To Get New Iphone

I attempted to get the new Iphone 5 a few days ago.  I woke up early at 6am and headed over to the local Apple retailer.  There was already a line outside but I didn’t think it was huge.  However, minutes into opening up the store they told us that they had already sold out of the 64 gig black version.  Of course.  That’s the version I wanted.  From my point of view, especially with the way that data use is advancing, saving $100 is not worth taking a 32 gig.  That’s half the storage.  For $100?  No, I’ll take the 64 gig.

People are going to be surprised when they fill up their 16 gig versions super fast.  Sorry, but the data requirements, especially for the new apps that are going to come out for the new hardware, are going to fill it up extremely quickly.  I’d only recommend the 16 gig one for people who are “light” phone users.  If you use your phone like a normal 20 something you’re going to be putting music, videos, photos…and with the fast hardware of the phone now it’s going to happen all that much faster.

Anyway, looks like I’ll be waiting for a while to get my paws on one of the 64 gig ones.  Oh well.  My 4 is working OK except the home button only works intermittently.  It’s pretty annoying but I can live with it.