We recently ran into some problems with our Outlook email program. Somehow the file size exceeded 2gb, which apparently throws Windows into a hissy fit. We went searching for solutions and found a few things. You can use a trimmer or other software tool. One other program we found that could potentially be helpful was this Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool. However, it costs a pretty penny, so I would definitely recommend looking for alternate solutions first. See if you can use the scanpst.exe function that’s included with Outlook. However if that seems to out of your league, and you’re in a time crunch, then a pay program might be your best bet. I definitely suggest that you check a few reviews to see that the program you select is good. The Stellar Outlook program has been around for a while and has apparently been given some good reviews. I think the only thing that puts people off is the price, and for good reason.

We did some research and found a few legit forum postings by computer techs that seem to agree that this tool is quite helpful in terms of fixing a corrupt PST or recovering deleted things. So there are definitely some great user experiences out there. This tool also lets you preview anything it can do before you buy it so you can see if it will work for you (you have to pay before it will fix or recover anything).

Anyway, hopefully you don’t run into the same problems with Outlook that we did. It’s a pain in the neck! And it sucks that all your eggs are in one “basket” so to speak.