I am wondering … wtf is clean and clear with this bullshit you mention above? its clipped to the bone, there is no real bass, there is only somwhat whoompfy that is distorted, so that it seems to have bass. the vocals are disgusting, smah in your face, without any room or ambience, compressed like hell, no dynamics.

on what monitors do you judge sound? and on what levels? you can crank up the volume on any bullshit to insane, thats been done on inadeauqute monitors, and you have your wow-sound. I think you are used to listen to music, that in fact isnt music? :-(

to get that sound, you dont need no rocket science. no stems. no advices like “only pros can do this in this way!” and other stuff from the believers, just put waves multimaximizer (L3 I think … ) in your masterchain followed by another stage, the limiter6, and limit and clip to your desire. ah, and cut the bass below 60-80hz before hitting the first compressor/limiter. and if you want to do it megaprofessional, take the Voxengo Curve EQ, get a frequency-fingerprint of your favorite song, and smash this curve in before the HP-eq. to make it a science (until now its kiddie-stuff) switch on the TT-Offline-Meter and measure your results after having rendered the master (thats why it contains the word “offline”), when you get as a result -4db or -3db … well, you are there. you are a worldclass mastering engineer and the next Grammies are yours.

so, but these are idiots that make such masters. this is done not by mastering engineers because they like it, but because their clients (idiotic A&R’s from labels or majors force them to do that. you know: make it louder, or we give our money to someone else who will do it as we like. thats all. these MEs must make their living. if someone admires them for this and believes its a great art to master in such in way, ok, he is an complete idiot. the mastering of the art of making a McDonalds hamburger is as well no art. bullshit with a great name of a great ME on it stays bullshit. (see Chris Lord Alge … complete incompetent idiot, sorry I have to say this.)

so the story goes on: you master as loud as you can, give your track to a radio station, because you have it “radio-ready” … and you are trapped. the station sends your already ready work through their mastering chain, this is done automatically. what happens, if you have dynamics of -4db, and this clipped sausage is once again limited an compressed? you have build the most expensive pink-noise-generator of all time.

this kinda bullshit-music-mastering is aimed at kids with cheap earbuds and cheap mono-radios to “stand out” – what the fuck this will mean. (the most stinky dogshit stand out of less stinky dogshit? ok, got it … :-(()

stay away from those idiots that deliver such “products”. and get yourself an idea of what music is about.


man … serious … come on. the tracks you mentioned are below everything what can be called music in the slightest way. music bullshit, mix bullshit, sounds bullshit, mastering bullshit. I dont get it …